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Flawless skin is the most desirable for any individual. It helps promote characteristic in positive way. Taking care of your skin in environment of pollution and mental tensions in these days is very necessary because many skin problems are subtle and complicated that you should not give the ignorance to them but should be solved precisely by professional and experienced dermatologists. Asoke Skin Hospital is ready to serve you by highly-experienced specialist team with innovative devices. Why specialized hospital ? Asoke Skin Hospital is executed by a high caliber team of more than 15 years in dermatology. Since there are various types of skin problems, each one of the team specializes in one own expertise are ready to give advises and provide medication according to your problem. Within 9,000 square meters state-of-the art building, we have specific departments that fit to specific needs of the patients. Asoke Skin Hospital is more than a skin expert, we also operate in other fields of body cares such as cosmetic surgery, hair and scalp solutions, body contouring and firming, skin cancer, anti aging, sex change and etc.
DEPARTMENT • Cosmetic Dermatology Department • Chronic Skin Disease Department • General Skin Disease Departments