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 Centers and Clinics
Heart Center
Center of Excellence in Heart diseases and blood vessels.We are offering diagnosis, treatment, surgery as well as rehabilitation by using modern technologies.
Emergency and Trauma Center
Emergency and Trauma Center, Bangkok Hospital Udon is ready to take good care of emergency cases by full teams of specialist physicians assisted by state-of –the art medical equipment.
Neuroscience Center
Disorders of the brain is like a silent danger; it might be too late before you know about it, but by advanced technologies and medical specialties can make prevention and treatment more effective.
Internal Medicine Clinic
Our internal medicine doctors take care of you as your personal or family doctors. Our Internal Medicine Clinic takes care of you for general sickness and gives you consultation personally on health care.
ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Clinic
Your ears, nose, and throat are very sensitive and complex, therefore, they need to be diagnosed by specialist physician assisted by advanced & appropriated technology.
Health Promotion Center
Your annual health check up is very important for your health care. It will help you to know your health problems and take care of yourselves in time before it’s too late.
Women’s Health Clinic
At our Women’s Health Center, we are committed to take care of women’s of all ages in all aspects by specialist gynecology & obstetricians.
Surgical Clinic
At our Surgical Clinic, Bangkok hospital Udon, we are fully equipped with advanced & state-of-the art technology ready to give you our comprehensive surgical treatment in international standard by our specialist surgeons.
Rehabilitation Clinic
At our Rehabilitation Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon, we are focusing on prevention and non-surgical treatment by our physical therapists and multidisciplinary team.
Royal Life Anti-Aging Clinic
At our Royal Anti-aging Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon, we encourage our clients to create their long term health program in order to have long life with good quality as well as maintaining their maximum health condition of all ages.
Skin and Aesthetic Clinic
At the Beauty & Healthy skin Clinic of Bangkok Hospital Udon, we provide diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. We also have services for skin booster and skincare to promote your beauty with advanced technology under special care of our specialist ph
Dental Clinic
At our Dental Care Center of Bangkok Hospital Udon, we provide basic check up of your mouth and teeth by team of experienced dentists using international standard so that you will have a bright smile with you all the time.
Hemodialysis Clinic
At our Hemodialysis Clinic of Bangkok Hospital Udon, we provide hemodialysis services with clean environment, advanced facilities with international standards by team of nephrologists and professional nursing who are highly knowledgeable and experienced i
Ophthalmology Clinic
At our Eye Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon, we have team of specialist ophthalmologists to provide diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and complete range of eye examination.
Pediatric Clinic
As we truly believe that children with good & healthy development will grow up to be healthy & happy adults who will be a strong supporters of our country.
Orthopedic Clinic
At the Orthopedic Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon, we provide consultation, diagnosis and treatment as well as promoting your bone and muscles health.
Gastrointestinal and Liver Clinic
At Bangkok Hospital Udon GI clinic, we provide caring and treatment of gastrointestinal and liver diseases by advanced medical technologies by the experienced and specialist physicians.
Psychiatry Clinic
The Psychiatry Clinic at Bangkok Hospitals Udon provides a range of evaluative counseling and assessments including treatments for patients.
Fertility Center
 Accommodation and Amenities
Our in-patient accommodation at Bangkok Hospital Udon (BUD) provides a complete range of accommodation
facilities to meet the needs and budgets of all patients, from standard rooms, deluxe, and VIP suites. All private
rooms have been designed with comfort, privacy and safety of the patient in mind. All rooms at BUD include
the following exclusive features:
- Electronically operated hospital bed
- Cable TV
- Nurse call system
- Guest sofa-bed
- Personal telephone for local and international calls
- Individually controlled air conditioning
- Microwave oven
- Water heater
- Refrigerator
- Complimentary bathroom amenities
- Complimentary welcome gift set
- Personal safe (safety deposit box)
- Free WIFI internet access
- Free daily English language newspaper