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What is a Transitional Care Hospital? A Transitional Care Hospital is a short-term care facility for medically complex patients transitioning from the hospital to home. These patients still need continuous care by rehabilitation specialists before being cared for at home. The goal of the transitional care hospital is to assist patient recovery by providing the medical and rehabilitative care necessary to help patients regain a certain level of independence. Image Chiva Transitional Care Hospital Move the patients towards greater independence and mobility In design, furnishing and atmosphere, Chiva Transitional Care Hospital creates a welcoming feeling of warmth, and well-being. We offer the patients the opportunity to live their life to the fullest and to receive the assistance they need to enhance their independence, dignity and quality of life. We provide compassionate, patient-centered medical rehabilitation after recovering from surgery or acute illness. With an interdisciplinary team approach, we work together to meet our patient’s goal of becoming stronger, more functional and returning home quickly. Our patients will have a comfortable and relaxing recovery process in a home-like environment in their private rooms with a modern, contemporary look that offer spacious living with light and serene colors that will create a calming effect to support their wellness experience.
Chiva Benefits Our team of experienced specialists are equipped with cutting-edge technology and is extremely attentive to patient care. Highlight of the center 1. Medical Specialists Our physicians are board-certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. 2. Intensive Rehabilitation Programs The center provides intensive rehabilitation programs that are run by rehabilitation teams, consisting of a physiatrist, physical therapist and occupational therapist. Each patient will undergo 3-4 hours of rehabilitation per day. 3. Recreational Activities Participating in recreational activities along with health education sessions help patients to relax and enjoy themselves in order to refresh their body and mind. 4. Home-Like Environment The center is convenient, facilitating private time with family members. 5. Discharge Planning We will provide patient and caregiver trainings to facilitate the patient or caregiver’s acquisition of knowledge and skills related to our patient’s medical condition to ensure a successful transition to return home. 6. Case Management Nurse A nurse will coordinate care for patients requiring specialized treatment to ensure the continuity of treatment obtained in the hospital, creating a care plan before a patient returns home. In addition the nurse will follow up with that patient after he or she leaves the facility. Anticipated Benefits Improved Functional Status Cost-effectiveness Reduced Hospital
 Re-Admission Better Quality of Life Decreased Family and Caregiver Burden
Medical Specialists We are committed to helping each patient recover the strength and independence to return home to thier family. Our Patients Patients Requiring Recuperation or physical therapy who undergo surgical procedures such as hip or knee joint surgery or spine surgery. Post Stroke Patients who require intensive rehabilitation. Patients with Functional Decline after acute illness. Our Specialists Interdisciplinary Team Approach Our interdisciplinary team consists of internist, geriatrician, physiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, along with skilled nursing staff. We work with the patient and the family to design customized treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each of our patients. High-Quality Standard of Care Our team of experienced specialists are equipped with cutting-edge technology and is extremely attentive to patient care. Recreational Activities Our therapeutic recreational activities program is designed to promote recovery and enhance our patients to pursue healthy lifestyles. Well-designed Private Rooms The rooms are fully equipped and well-designed to accommodate patients with restricted mobility. Bright, spacious and sun-filled common areas offer a place to interact with family and friends. Beautifully landscaped with serene courtyard provides a tranquil and enjoyable outdoor experience for our patients. Patient-Centered Care Plan We offer individualized care plans because each patient’s conditions, abilities, needs and goals are unique, requiring a plan of care that reflects that specific person.