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Chiwamitra Hospital, the first private hospital for cancer treatment in the northeast, focuses on effective care and treatment and merges innovative values that are comparable to international medical institutions. Chiwamitra, the center of medical specialists who have knowledge and experience in cancer treatment, along with the treatment technology that is equivalent to international medical institutions. Focusing on the good efficacy of treatment along with deep care and attention, paying attention to the environment for treatment, with a private, relaxing atmosphere in order that patients restore both their physical and mental conditions. Caring for patients as if they were relatives and being ready to create every opportunity and possibility of correct and effective treatment, as we believe we make every possibility. Chiwamitra "adheres to living with friendship" and focuses on providing the best treatment to create a better quality of life... with an operating philosophy of true and friendly attention paid to all lives. VISION We aim to be a cancer treatment institution that meets standards comparable to international medical institutions. MISSION Develop the hospital to be a specialized institution with excellence in cancer treatment (Cancer Center Excellence) Develop service management potential and a strong cancer network (Service Excellence) Build academic cooperation and cancer services in conjunction with the ASEAN community and global health (Partnership of Excellence)