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Kamol Hospital - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery About 10 years ago, Dr.Kamol Pansritum, plastic surgeon, worked for a private clinic and for the Royal Army Hospital in Lopburi province. He served in Lopburi for six years and decided to leave his job at the hospital and move to Bangkok to run his own clinic. He was interested in working in gender transitioning and facial aesthetic surgery. Since that time, his experience has grown impressively over the past ten years. Because of his dedication to his job, Dr.Kamol has been recognized as one of the top surgeons specializing in gender reassignment procedures. With the rapidly growing worldwide trend of cosmetic surgery, more people have accepted plastic surgery as part of their lives. There are many reasons to choose plastic surgery to enhance the quality of life, including reconstruction for better function, gender transitioning for gender dysphoria treatment, among other aesthetic choices. We now provide many options for surgical procedures. Due to the rapidly increasing number of clients each year, we decided to design our own building. In 2009, we settled into our new 5,200 square meter home, dedicated entirely to all facets of cosmetic surgery, thus becoming the first hospital with this specialty in Thailand. Dr Kamol and his team are proud to serve their clients by providing a hospital that meets the highest standard of facilities using top grade medical instruments and equipment from Germany. We provide modular operating rooms, a spacious lobby, comfortable and luxurious private patient rooms, as well as apartments with a broad array of services for international patients. The hospital is centrally located in the downtown area where shopping, businesses, several major Banks, a variety of restaurants including several 24 hour ones, are all within walking distance. Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is here to service its clients. The hospital's goal is to become the leading world-class center for cosmetic and gender reassignment surgery. Our mission is to provide the most effective and efficient surgeries and service. We never stop learning, improving and creating new techniques for gender reassignment and cosmetic surgery to meet the needs of our clients. Our highly qualified medical team includes top notch nursing, and operating personnel, as well as staff for pre and post operative care to ensure mutual satisfaction between our clients and surgeons. Our aim is to provide a reliable and excellent experience in cosmetic and gender reassignment surgery, Cosmetic surgery has come to play a major role in our lives. People can now actively create the face and body they desire to enhance their opportunities in a new life. The hospital provides cosmetic surgeries that include all body parts from top to bottom and also sex reassignment surgery from male to female and female to male. Our goal is to to be the prominent knowledge base in the field of gender reassignment surgery and cosmetic surgery. We welcome surgeons to come here to participate in the hospital. Doctors work in teams and we encourage them to carry out research and publish in medical journals. Kamol Hospital has an ongoing program setting up international medical workshops and conferences to further the profession's education in these fields.
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