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Trat is the easternmost of Thailand and nearby Cambodia. The population is around 230,000. Trat has 2,820 square kilometres (k.m.2) of total area, 150 kilometres of coast and 52 islands. The geography is flat area, coast, mountain, river and sea. Because of less natural disasters and short dry season, it suits for agribusiness, fishery, aquaculture and concerning business. In 2-3 years ago, travel is a crucial business in Trat, so the average income is on the top of Thailand ranging income. In addition, Trat has developed in every field in the past 5 years. For Public Health, infectious diseases and Malaria are decreased due to better quality of life, but non-infectious diseases and accident are increased. The medical health care in Trat consist of 1 provincial hospital with 300 beds, 2 district hospital with 30 beds and 3 district hospital with 10 beds, however it should have 1,000 beds compared to the population. Because of no private hospital in Trat, when people has health problem, they need to go to Chantaburi, Chonburi or Bangkok to get the medical services. Bangkok Trat Hospital is the first private hospital in Trat and was established in 1997. Nowadays, our hospital has100-bed provides medical services for you and your family with the best quality by experienced doctor team in several fields. Also, healthcare personnel who provides healthcare services closely with modern equipment for 24 hours.
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