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Hospital Information Ladprao General Hospital is a private hospital with a capacity of 200 in-patient beds, located in a 1.5 acre siteon Ladprao Road between Alley 95 – 97, Address No.2699,Wang Thonglang Sub-district, Wang Thonglang District, Bangkok,Thailand. It was originally established on 27thof April 1990 by a group of professional and specialized physiciansfrom all medical spheres and leading businessmen, with an initial capital of one million baht underthe name ofLadprao General Hospital Co.,Ltd. Dr. Angul Chantanavanich is a founder and managing Director. It officially opened on 14th of February 1993. Later, the hospital was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand and transformed into a public limited company on 11thofMarch 1993. Nowadays, Ladprao General Hospitalhas a capital of 500 million, and comprises about 500 expert physicians in several fields and other staff. Hospital administrators had a vision to provide excellenthealthcare service with international standards, therefore theyapplied for the ISO9002 certification (Total Quality Management Standard) with Thailand Productivity Institute as a consultant on 20th of August 1998, and has been approved by SGS Yarsley International Certification on 10th of June 1999.Ladprao General Hospital was the first hospital accredited with a quality certification: ISO 9002 UKAS and NAC Thailand, and was also awarded the standard of healthcare systems across the organization from Healthmark, New Zealand between 9th of September 1999 and August 2002. The hospital administrators not only focus on the quality of healthcare services, but also take responsibility for the community and the environmentrelated to the activities of the hospital,so the hospital prepared for the ISO 14001certification (Environmental Management Quality Standard System)with Thailand Productivity Institute as a consultant on 23rd of March 2000,and has been approved by SGS Yarsley International Certification on 14th-15th of March 2001.The hospital also has been approved for the ISO 14001certification from UKAS and NAC Thailandon 9th ofMay 2001. The hospital recognizes the importance of continuous quality development and has obtained Hospital Accreditation (HA) on 28th of February 2003, and received a certificate of HA at the National Forum on Quality Improvement and Hospital Accreditation on 17th of March 17, 2003. Medical services Ladprao General Hospital The hospital is accredited quality system hospitals (Hospital Accreditation) from the Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation. And move forward unceasingly. As well as the provision of medical services by a team of specialists in each field. With modern technology To strengthen the hospital's leading private hospitals in Bangkok. The vision of the hospital At the same time To enhance healthcare. The hospital has conducted recruitment medical knowledge. Expertise in specialized treatment increased. To support the growth of the hospital. And to gain the trust of the customers. Environmental hospital has organized the project. "Green Hospital" (Green Hospital) green environment. Joint global warming The campaign for the customers and staff of the hospital using cloth bags instead of plastic bags. As part of the campaign to help preserve the environment. It also includes participation in society. In cooperation with Bangkok Hospital Foundation provides support in various fields. Many of the projects As well as health promotion activities And the environmental community is offering.
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