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MedPark Hospital
MedPark Hospital
MedPark Hospital
 MedPark set a new benchmark in healthcare industry
MedPark has been developed by a group of highly experienced doctors in diversified medical fields. Not only has it set a goal of being the medical hub for super tertiary care that meets international standards, but the hospital has been designed with extraordinary attention to details, offering both local and foreign patients an unprecedented experience while broadly changing how healthcare is delivered.

Operating under TPP Healthcare International Co., Ltd. MedPark Hospital has the over-riding objective of drawing together the potential of Thai healthcare personnel to provide patient treatment at full capacity, following the principle of Integrated Care within multi-disciplinary teams.  MedPark works to the highest levels of safety and employs value-based care to look after patients in an ongoing manner consistent with individuals’ current life patterns.
In addition, MedPark Hospital supports education and research to advance medical staff knowledge in a continuous manner in order to enhance patient treatment and care, to foster critical patient care, to prepare for difficult and complex disease treatment and to work towards quaternary care and serve as a foremost medical facility in Southeast Asia.
MedPark Hospital is the collective creative endeavor of a team of doctors at every level of detail, in genuine pursuit of patients’ health and well-being.   Medical specialists have participated with the hospital’s administrators, designers and construction teams at every level, from site design, environmental considerations and equipment procurement to design of patient care processes that seek excellence in treatment quality and safety in pursuit of value-based care, top patient experience and the highest level of health service quality.
MedPark Hospital is located at the heart of the new business district of Rama IV Road. It occupies a dedicated 25 story building of 90,000 square meters.  The hospital partnered with specialists from more than 30 fields of medicine.  At full operation, the hospital can service outpatients in 300 examination rooms and provide beds for 550 inpatients, including 130 intensive care beds. The comprehensive complement of advanced medical equipment includes PET-CT, MRI3 Tesla, SPECT-CT, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy (LINAC machine), Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit and a Hybrid Operating Theater.
 Building Concept
Located in the heart of Bangkok, the medical hub of Southeast Asia, MedPark is Thailand’s newest private hospital. Designed for quaternary care with safety, functionality and practicality in mind, this 550-bed facility provides the full range of sub-specialties in a relaxed and peaceful environment that soothes patients, their families and visitors while also enabling doctors, nurses, medical staff and all hospital employees to work at optimum capacity.
Convenient Location Amidst Green Surrounding
Easily accessible from the city’s CBD, MedPark Hospital faces the Chao Phraya River, the Thai capital’s main waterway, and offers a unique view of Bang Krachao, a tropical oasis often referred to as Bangkok’s Green Lung. The back of the hospital, meanwhile, looks out at the lush foliage and silver lake of Benjakitti Park, which spans over 320 rai (126 acres).
The facility’s interior has been designed in such a way as to optimize the benefits of the nature that surrounds it. The main building is positioned to take advantage of natural light and cooling breezes while the interior boasts potted plants in every corner to create a relaxing and refreshing ambiance.
In addition to being environmentally responsible, MedPark’s design is truly customer centric with comfort and convenience at the heart of the modern main building. The glass walls provide visitors with an eye-pleasing view of the lush gardens while the high ceiling and skylights allow natural sunlight to give the areas a cheerful and energizing ambiance. Indoor plants add to the sense of well-being and stress reduction.
The interior decoration is also calming with natural earth tones used throughout. Care has been taken to select only the highest quality paints with no smell of volatile organic compounds. Contemporary sculptures and decorative paintings add a modern accent.
The OPD reception lobby is a large hall with carefully designed service counters, providing convenience for patients and visitors and allowing hospital staff to work to maximum efficiency. A spacious floor design allows for unfettered traffic flow, safety and privacy. A small space is set aside for activities to enrich customer experience, such as musical performances to reduce stress and induce relaxation. The surrounding greenery and large TV screens exemplify MedPark’s commitment to seamlessly integrate nature with technology.
Customized LED lighting is used for the hallway, lifts, service areas and treatment areas and provides sufficient light for the medical staff while not irritating patients’ eyes, especially when they are being transported on a gurney.
Cleanliness and Safety
Safety is the top priority at MedPark with construction and decorative materials carefully selected to reduce build-up of germs. All interior walls in the service and treatment areas and in patient rooms are plain and flat. Shelves and cabinets are concealed thus decreasing open surfaces where bacteria might accumulate. Sharp edges and corners are avoided to allow for convenient cleaning and special materials are used to reduce static cling.
Electrical, tap water and waste water treatment systems in all departments are designed to maximum safety standards with hygiene the top priority. At the same time, respect for the environment and cost efficiency are optimized.
Patient Rooms
Standard rectangular patient rooms are not the norm at MedPark with inpatient facilities specially designed to allow doctors and nurses to reach patients in the shortest possible time. Patient and family zones within each room are clearly partitioned to create privacy for both.
Patient room size is generous, ranging from 32 – 156 square meters. Built-in furnishings add to the feeling of space while a laminated floor in earth tones and of European-quality standard adds to the aesthetics and is easy to clean. The bathroom curves outwards so as to provide more space and greater convenience when maneuvering gurneys and wheelchairs and a swing door reduces noise when the bathroom door is opened and closed. Separate hand-washing basins are located at the entrance for doctors and medical staff and inside the room for visitors and family to increase hand hygiene and reduce risk of infection. Wall-hung sanitary ware is used for cleaning convenience and to reduce accumulation of bacteria.
Flooring is also important. MedPark has selected a world-class flooring system from leading Dutch manufacturer Forbo made of Marmoleum, a linoleum recognized for its durability, high quality, fire resistance, and more importantly, zero carbon footprint.
All furniture is made from high-quality materials with a special design that saves space yet provides functionality and practicality. The in-room sofa features a soft 6-8 inch cushion that can be lifted easily to change the covers and transform into a bed for a family member staying with the patient. A curtain is used to divide the space between the patient bed and family zone for maximum privacy. Made by a leading Thai brand Pasaya, the curtain is dustproof, waterproof and wrinkle free when folded thus minimizing bacterial accumulation yet soft to the touch and its warm hue and pattern harmonize well with room’s color scheme.
In VIP rooms, each a generous 156 square meters, a separate area is allocated for an office to cater to the needs of business people and executives who want to continue working while undergoing treatment. An adjacent room is provided for an accompanying family member.
ICU-Standard Patient Rooms
To underscore its position as a specialist quaternary hospital for the treatment of complicated diseases, MedPark has built 18 special VIP rooms to ICU standard. Sterile ventilation system and all supporting systems are in place and the medical team can simply plug in necessary equipment, such as a mobile dialysis unit, to turn a regular inpatient room into a private ICU room.
MedPark has the highest ratio of ICU rooms to total hospital beds of any hospital in Thailand, with 140 ICU rooms constituting more than a quarter of the total inpatient capacity, thus enabling MedPark to handle a large number of patients with critical condition. A nursing station is positioned in front of each ICU room, allowing the nurse to closely monitor and reach a critical patient immediately when needed. The nurse to patient ratio in MedPark ICU is 1:1.
Examination Rooms
The tranquil and comforting environment extends to each examination room. Doctor and patient do not sit directly opposite each other as is the norm but side by side as if they are friends or family. This relaxing atmosphere makes it easier for patients to discuss their symptoms and worries. By spending extra time on examination and disease investigation, doctors gather more information to support the diagnosis and treatment. Treatment monitoring is also more effective.
The rooms are fitted out with modular furniture that can be adjusted to suit the needs of each department and the preference of doctors.
Clinic Locations
Doctors, architects and engineers have worked closely to understand the specific needs of each clinic as well as technical practicality and design constraints. This has enabled MedPark to decide on the best location for each clinic. Clinically related departments are located closely together, allowing nurses and the medical team to quickly transfer and take care of patients.
Sky Garden
MedPark’s design team decided to convert the spaces on the 5th and 10th floors into gardens, which blends perfectly with the overall green design concept.
5th floor sky garden
The 5th floor is home to the orthopedic clinic and rehabilitation spa. The sky garden on this floor is utilized for outdoor rehabilitation activities. Located on the north side of the building to maximize the soft natural light, the garden is full of greenery.  Ground textures range from sand, small rocks to grass allowing patients to walk on different surfaces, which helps in physical recovery. Patients in the orthopedic and neurology clinics can also use the facility.
10th floor
Situated on the same floor as Doctor’s Lounge, the outdoor garden provides shade and a view of the greenery, effectively soothing and calming tired bodies and minds. Benches and chairs are carefully placed among the plants for those wanting to rest outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Inside the lounge, medical staff can sit back and relax while enjoying the view of the lush garden.