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 San Paulo Hua Hin Hospital is a private hospital in Hua Hin offering the high level of medical services, from general medical treatments to specialized medical care. The hospital is well equipped with modern medical equipments and medical technology to ensure quality care, in accordance with stringent safety protocols. San Paulo  Hua Hin Hospital  is accredited by Thailand’s Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation.
Ambulance  Service
Safe and rapid emergency transport of patients, available 24 hours every day.Emergency call 032-532-576 Ext.107,108
Emergency Department
Emergency and Trauma Clinic. This department provides treatment for emergency and trauma patients. Advanced save life medical equipments.Our emergency team consists of E.R.physician and nurses specialised in emergency care.
Outpatient Department
General medical services, general surgery, plastic surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, cardiology, neurology, dentistry and ophthalmology.
Health Check-Up Centre
Comprehensive Health Check-Up Center offering a full range of medical health check-up and diagnostic packages, to help you stay on top of your health. Services including annual physical check-up, pre-employment check-up, pre marriage check up and  health check-up for travelers. 
Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic
Offering  obstetrics and gynaecological services including diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological conditions, menopausal  management and therapy, as well as surgery and other options to treat infertility etc. Prenatal care and delivery by a team of well trained nurses and caring obstetricians.
General Medicine Clinic
Medical treatment and patient care delivered by a team of  internal medicine specialist with comprehensive treatment for acute and chronic diseases. 
General Surgery Clinic
Advanced surgical practice, equipped with modern surgical  equipments,video scope examination for gastro intestinal tract, and a team of highly experienced surgeons  for surgical treatment .
Orthopaedic Clinic
With advanced orthopaedic treatment, and medical equipments by experienced  orthopaedic surgeons handle cases of  fractured bones, 
spinal injuries, and musculoskeletal disorders.
Aesthetic Surgery Clinic
      “A better look” You desire for, this clinic is ready for consultation by cosmetic and reconstructive,  esthetic  surgeon specialists, who had years of experience in facial surgery, cosmetic eye surgery, nose augmentation, liposuction andbreast surgery etc. Services are available on appointment.
Radiology and Diagnostic Department
The department provides 24- hour diagnostical radiologocal services. Our department are experienced in diagnosic with advanced medical imaging facilities to provide fast, safe and accurate results based on modern digital imaging and professional  standards to meet our  patient'needs.
Paediatric Clinic
The paediatric children health care services by a caring team of nurses and experienced paediatricians that allow us to offer the high quality of paediatric care and medical treatment. The paediatric Clinic provides  preventive treatment by giving  various vaccines for  diffirence preventive illness of children.The clinic also provides care and counselling of children from birth to 15 years of age.
Dental Clinic
Provides comprehensive dental and periodontic care, including diagnosis, restorative treatment, preventive care to maintain functional or aesthetical dentition. 
Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
Team of specialised otolaryngology professionals provide diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders as well as other upper respiratory diseases with  advanced diagnostic equipments.
Hemodialysis Centre
Providing the high  quality of specialised care for patients with kidney disorders, from diagnosis  of chronic renal failure to hemodialysis, with a team of certified dialysis nurses and nephrologist. 
Neuroscience Clinic
Provides special care for the neurological disorder patient by neurologist who ready to diagnose and give consultation for manage and treat serious neurological illnesses.
Ophthalmology Clinic
Our team of ophthalmology clinicians and well-equipped clinic offers consultations and treatments of eye disease and vision-related conditions, from ocular trauma or other eye injuries, vision problems, cataract surgery, glaucoma,etc
Cardiac and Vascular Clinic
This special clinic provides early diagnosis for patient who has heart  and vascular problems. To detect heart and vascular disorder as well as giving consultation for treatment and preventive measurement by cardiologist.
Allergy Clinic
Offering  examination and treatment for conditions such as nasal allergies, bronchial  asthma, chronic cough, reaction to environmental allergens and sinus  infections.  Allergy skin testing is available for specified detection of allergens with  benefits for prevention or avoiding the allergent.
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Colonoscopy
High advanced diagnostic imaging equipments for conditions affecting the gastrointestinal system by team of trained endoscopic imaging specialists on an outpatient basis by appointment.
Workers’ Compensation Fund
We participate the National workers’ Compensation Fund, offers injured workers on the job able to reimbursed for emergency medical care up to 50,000 baht per visit.
Physical Therapy Department
Provides examination, assessment, diagnosis and treatment plans for rehabilitation delivered by physical therapist and rehabilitated physician Treatment for musculoskeletal weakness, nervous system failure or respiratory tract conditions.
Intensive Care Unit
With modern medical equipements and dedicated  medical staffs ready for close up care for patient who needs intensive care and requiring  around the clock monitoring care in serious or critical patients.
Acupuncture Clinic (Alternative Medicine)
Performed by certified doctor in  Chinese medicine, who offers acupuncture for alleviating pain and a variety of conditions such as back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, migraine, paralysis.
Colonics detoxication Center (Alternative Medicine)
Providing safe, holistic colonic cleansing to eliminate waste and toxins from the body, promoting better overall health and treatment .The center equiped with comfortable colonic detoxifying