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Our History Trang Ruampat Hospital is a private hospital in Trang. The Hospital was opened in 1982 and continues to operate to this day. The Hospital started from a 50-beds hospital and was gradually and continuously growing until it is now a 200-beds hospital. Trang Ruampat Hospital provides secondary medical services to patients that live in Trang and other district in the vicinity, as well as other nearby provinces, such as, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Krabi, Phatthalung, Satun, etc. The Hospital serves all patients that live in any provinces around Trang and able to come in and seek our services. As the hospital is growing, we expand our capabilities with wider range of specialized medical practices. Together with our modern facilities, we maintain our commitment to provide patients with the very best medical services. Trang Ruampat Hospital has many specialized doctors, both full-time and consulting doctors, and interdisciplinary staffs, including professional nurse, pharmacist, medical technologist, physical therapist, and related staffs. They are ready and willing to serve our patients, to provide them with consultation and aid, and to closely and intimately support patients and relatives. Trang Ruampat Hospital has state-of-the-art and modern medical equipments for diagnosis, such as X-ray Computerized Tomography Scan (160-Slice CT) Fluoroscopy Exercise Stress Test Bone Density Scan Ultrasound 4D Echocardiogram Hemodialysis Machine MRI 1.5 Tesla The Hospital is developing and improving its capability continuously, in order to provide advance, convenient, and reliable services to our customers, within 3 buildings where we presents these prominent developments: Health Checkup Center Gastrointestinal System and Endoscopy Center Food court and Inpatient food, where we serve both Thai and Halal foods. Specialized OPD and isolated examination room for infectious disease Isolated ICUs for infection protection State-of-the-art medical tools and equipments, and infection control system. Trang Ruampat Hospital provides medical services at fair price to patients. We are also providing Fax Claim Service for insured patients who have health insurance that covers medical expense. For your convenient, we can directly claim the guaranteed medical expenses from the contracted insurance company. This service is available for both Thai and Non-Thai contracted insurance companies.