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Possessing healthy, sharp and bright eyesight helps make one lives a happy and worthwhile life. Regular eye check up can detect eye conditions before the effect on sight is noticed and can prevent people going needlessly vision loss. Thai Eye Center Rama 3 offers medical eyes remedy and care equipped with the latest technology and a team of skilled and experienced ophthalmologists. Thai Eye Center, Rama 3 Medical complex, has recently decided to undergo the service expansion in order to answer the emerging number of patients. The Medical Complex has been expanding its service capabilities to become a greater, more modern and complete medical eyes center with international standards on the new premises. Located on Rama III and Charoenrad roads, the new Thai Eye Center is gracing on a spacious 4 rais of land with up to 9,000 square meters of service space. It also offers a comfortable and pleasant ambience with green area and a car parking space that can accommodate up to 100 vehicles. Well and fully equipped with modern medical instruments and facilities (including many operating rooms, conference center) the 8-storied building is teamed with highly skilled ophthalmologists and other medical specialists educated from prestigious medical institutes both from local and abroad. The hospital's management team is strongly determined in making the hospital a complete medical eyes service with international standards as well as a new medical hub for specialty medicine e.g. allergy, asthma and skin, ear nose and throat, wellness and beauty center.
Medical Services Eye Treatment The Eye Treatment Service Thai Eye Center Rama 3 offers medical eyes remedy and care equipped with the latest technology and a team of skilled and experienced ophthalmologists. Allergy Asthma & Skin The center provides an allergy asthma & skin specialty clinic to give modern diagnostic testing and management for allergic rhinitis, asthma, sinusitis, drug allergy, food allergy, insect allergy, skin allergy by certified specialists. 1. Allergic rhinitis Rhinitis is one of the most common chronic conditions, affecting 10% to 30% of adults and up to 40% of children frequent sneezing, congestion and an itchy or runny nose. Co-morbidity of allergic rhinitis Ear, Nose & Throat Endoscopic Exam We also offer with ENT service section with modern endoscopic equipment for diagnostic and treatment of sinus infection, chronic nasal diseases, snoring, sleep apnea, hearing loss. Moreover, with the latest technology of Radiofrequency, it has been used for treating the resistant nasal congestion. The medical team is renowned experienced specialists. Plastic Surgery The center provides customers with rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and minifacial lift by experienced plastic surgeon at a very affordable price.
Rama 3 Wellness and Beauty Center We offer our customers with high technology and quality equipments, skilled & service-minded therapists and experienced doctors. In addition, our facility is clean, comfortable and convenient. Our services include aroma massage, foot relaxing massage, Thai traditional massage, hydrotherapy, cellulite massage, anti-aging massage, botox, laser, meso-no-needle, VelaShape and activity room for yoga, Pilates, and Thai boxing. Brighten & radiant skin by Infusion Infusion is a unique painless, needle free aesthetic procedure by which essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids are delivered into skin. It is completely safe and effective treatment for collagen regeneration, anti-aging, rehydration, skin firming, body toning, including cellulite and stretch mark reduction. During the treatment, you may feel a gentle pulse. Session may last 10-30 minutes. It has no potential side effect. The skin’s surface is instantly brightened and clarity is restored. Your skin will feel refreshed and radiant. Brighten & radiant skin by Infusion Reshape your facial harmony by Sygmalift Sygmalift rejuvenates your facial harmony, remodel your chin & cancel your crow feet with Focus Ultrasound and low level laser for natural face lift effect. It also brightening your skin Sygmalift Technology Slimming, reducing the cellulite by VelaShape The Ultimate skin Solution Slimming, reducing the cellulite by VelaShape VelaShape is the only cleared FDA device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas. It’s a combination of bi-polar radiofrequency energy and infrared light energy, coupled with vacuum suction roller and mechanical massage. It increases the metabolism of the targeted fat cells, causing the fat to "burn off" and the cells themselves to shrink in size and help smooth out the skin. Treatments generally take 20 to 40 minutes. Many say it feels like a tissue massage like one is getting at a spa. The Ultimate skin Solution E Style which is FDA approved aesthetic laser, combined bi-polar radio frequency, IPL and infrared. It is safe and gives superior result for Skin rejuvenation revitalizes skin texture by reducing the vascular, pigmented lesions and fine lines and minimizing enlarged pores. Skin Tightening softens both fine lines and deep wrinkles. Acne care destroys active acne Hair removal eliminates any unwanted hair. eMatrix eMatrixTM subablative rejuvenation for skin resurfacing through golden tip. It utilizes radio frequency in reducing wrinkles, acne scar and increase skin smoothness and tightening with minimal downtime and lower procedure cost. Diamond Peel Diamond-Peel offers patients a non-invasive and full scope exfoliation treatment that is comfortable and a rewarding aesthetic experience. The results are immediately visible after the first treatment, making way for smooth, softer skin and a refreshed complexion. eMatrix Diamond Peel Smart Jet Peel Smart Jet Peel Smart Jet Peel is the latest technology in stimulating and flaking your skin. It uses air pressure system in order to bring pure oxygen, saline solution and vitamins to brighten and clean your skin. It helps in reducing spots, acne and inflammatory acne scars, wrinkles and effectively inhibiting the diseases growth including bacteria and germs. The result is brightening, clean and clear skin.