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Thonburi - Chumphon Hospital recognises the need for international patient’s quality Healthcare services and has established international patient service department to provide personalised healthcare services and special attention to all our international patients from Chumphon, Koh Tao, Ranong & other provinces around Chumphon. Our services include: Coordination and Scheduling of medical diagnosis Doctor consultation and other appointments English, German, Burmese Language Interpretation Services Patient transfer service including by ambulance Special dietary needs and Personal support International patient insurance claim process Thonburi - Chumphon Hospital (TCH) was established in the early 1990 and located on Chumphon - Ranong Road at Wang Phai, Muang, Chumphon. Today, with over 20 years experience behind us in the hospital services sector, we have shown a commitment to the highest standards. This has allowed us to achieve the hospital accreditation standard of HA 1. TCH is a secondary hospital with 100 beds and provides comprehensive services and utilises modern technology to assist staff and accredited medical practitioners to deliver high standards of patient care and services. TCH has a wide range of expert specialist teams and staff members who work together to provide 24hrs of high level specialised care for all patients. TCH has doctors who can speak English, German and English, Burmese language consultants for patients who do not speak Thai language. If you require assistance to make an appointment for a doctor consultation or book a health check-up, please contact 095 257 0496
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