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Vichaivej International Omnoi Hospital was established on December 17, 1993. The hospital is composed of accommodate 200 beds of in-patient cases located on 12.3 acres on Petchkasem road, Krathumban, Samutsakorn. We have specialist in Orthopedic, Emergency and Emergency Medical Services are ready to help patients rapidly based on the quality and integrity. With a team of doctors who specialize in all Clinics of more than 30 people, including a team of consultants with over 100 people and the pharmacists, nurses and staff of over 400 people. Vichaivej International Omnoi Hospital Focus on the Public Health with the project “Home health care”, “health care Hotline” To discuss the health problems and medication use by doctors, pharmacists and nurses for 24 hours. Vichaivej International Omnoi Hospital also committed to developing the quality system and has been certified ISO 9001:2000 every system and 2nd step of HA (Hospital Accreditation) make ensure that patient receive high quality medical care. On June 28th, 2016, Srivichaivej Pub Co., Ltd had signed a share purchase agreement from the ex-shareholder, Sam Yaek Fai Chai Polytechnic Co., Ltd., with whole number. And has changed the name from Srivichai 1 hospital to Vichaivej Yaek Fai shai hospital.
Medical Services Heart Clinic When you have a pain around chest on left hand side, tiredness, inflamed legs, abnormal heartbeats, and unconscious, ple... Orthopedic Center Whether it is a joint pain, hip pain, knee pain, trigger finger, hand pain, elbow or shoulder pain that can seriously ha... Check up Center We provide comprehensive check-up services for personal and companies by the team of check up including doctors, nurses,... Development of Child Center Growth and development of children are important in every step. Children will gain skills in all aspects effectively if ... Internal Medicine Clinic Vichaivej International Hospital Group provides medical treatment by a specialist team of doctors and high experience fo... Emergency Center We have the team of medical experts and nursing staff with expertise who can help victims of an accident and emergency a... Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Vichaivej International Group Hospital provides Rehabilitation or Physical therapy by a team of highly experienced physi... Sport Medicine Center Sport Medicine Center We provide treatment and care from sport injury such as joint... i-SHA Anti-Aging Center i-SHA Anti-Aging Center provides anti-aging services for customers age over 40 years. Your skin starts to have lines and... Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery Center Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery offers patients many benefits, which include minimal pain after surgery, faster r... Eye Clinic We provide care for all types of eye diseases for both children and adults. By a team of an experienced ophthalmologists... Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic We provide services at all types of ear, nose, throat such as otitis, sinusitis, etc. by a team of medical experts and h... iSky Innovative Skin & Laser Surgery Center iSKY Innovative Skin & Laser Surgery Center provide special services from our general and laser dermatologist tea... Kidney and Hemodialysis Center We provide hemodialysis procedure that cleans and filters the blood from individuals whose kidneys have failed. Moreover... Smile by iSky Center Smile by iSky Center “Gentle smile on your baby face” Smile by iSky is created... Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture is an alternative medical treatm... X-ray Center The X-rays beam moves in a circle around the body, which allows many different views of the same organ or structure that... Maternal and Child Clinic We provide a full range of health care service for mothers and children, from planning before you become pregnant to car... Digestive Disease (G-I) Clicic We provide medical treatments focused on disorders related to the gastrointestinal tract and liver by specialists who ex... Thai Philos Anti-Aging Center We provide Philos Anti-Aging service to promote your better long life and reduce the risk of any severe diseases. Moreov... Occupational Medicine Check-up Center Since occupational diseases, which occur as a result of work activity, can be prevented, Occupational Medicine Check-up ... Breast Clinic Abnormality of most women often found in the breast area. Breast cancer, Breast Lump or thickening, Fibrocystic breast s... Woman Disease and Minimally Invasive Surgery Center We provide a full range of healthcare service, medical consultation, menopause clinic, colposcopy, and treatment of Obst... Dental Center Dental Center at Vichaivej hospital provides dental treatment by dental specialists everyday such as Pediatric Den...