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63 countries-territories permitted to enter Thailand since Nov 1st 2021

63 countries-territories permitted to enter Thailand since Nov 1st 2021 - HealthServ

63 countries-territories permitted to enter Thailand since Nov 1st 2021

  • Date: 31.10.2021 Update: 08.06.2022
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October 30th, 2021 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Operation Center for Measures on Entry and Departure from the Kingdom, as well as the Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad, has released an updated list of nations and territories that are permitted to enter Thailand for individual travelers. According to the news release, this list was created after "additional evaluation into the current worldwide condition of the COVID-19 virus’s spread in tandem with health and socio-economic aspects." Travelers planning to visit Thailand after November 1st, 2021, must register for the "Thailand Pass."

This new registration method, which replaced the previous COE (Certification of Entry), involves registering and submitting appropriate documents to Thai officials in order to receive the Thailand Pass QR Code. The review and execution of the process takes at least 7 days. Approved travelers will receive an email notification with the Thailand Pass QR Code, which will be identifiable by one of three colors based on the traveler’s category: Test and Go, Sandbox, or Quarantine.
  • Follow MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) page for further announcements

During the transition time, COE is still valid for entry into Thailand. By downloading the new COE from the registration website (coethailand.mfa.go.th) or the link from your COE approval notification email, travelers can update their approved COE with the revised terms and conditions of stay that conform with new entry regulations.
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List of Countries/Territories according to the Notification of the Operation Centre for Measures on the Entry into and Departure from the Kingdom, and Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad dated 30 October B.E. 2564 (2021) 
1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Bahrain
4. Belgium
5. Bhutan
6. Brunei Darussalam
7. Bulgaria
8. Cambodia
9. Canada
14. Czech Republic
15. Denmark
16. Estonia
17. Finland
18. France
19. Germany
20. Greece
21. Hungary
22. Iceland
23. India
24. Indonesia
25. Ireland
26. Israel
27. Italy
28. Japan
29. Kuwait
30. Laos
31. Latvia
32. Lithuania
33. Luxembourg
34. Malaysia
35. Maldives
36. Malta
37. Mongolia
38. Myanmar
39. Nepal
40. Netherlands
41. New Zealand
42. Norway
43. Oman
44. Philippines
45. Poland
46. Portugal
47. Oatar
48. Romania
49. Saudi Arabia
50. Singapore
51. Slovak Republic
52. Slovenia
53. Sri Lanka
54. South Korea
55. Spain
56. Sweden
57. Switzerland
58. United Arab Emirates
59. United Kingdom
60. United States
61. Vietnam
62. Hong Kong
63. Taiwan
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