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Guidelines for Electronic Documents for domestic flights (CAAT)

Guidelines for Electronic Documents for domestic flights (CAAT) - HealthServ

The Thai Civil Aviation Authority released the standards for "Using electronic papers for identification for domestic flights" on June 6, 2022, in order to check and validate the identity of the person entering the restricted area or the runway of the airport.

  • Date: 07.06.2022 Update: 08.06.2022
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Passengers travelling on domestic flights must present identification documents before passing through the security checkpoint.
1. An original identity document issued by a government agency that includes a photograph of the cardholder as well as the ID card number
2. Documents of electronic identification
This is demonstrated by government-issued applications such as DLT QR License and D.DOPA.
Passengers can board the airplane using electronic identification papers presented through an application supplied by government agencies such as DLT QR License, D.DOPA is a document certifying identity with a boarding pass.
This is done to keep unauthorized people out of the restricted region. airfield or control area Passengers cannot use a photo (Capture) of the original identity document, a photograph, or a PDF photo for identification since the source of the information cannot be confirmed. As a result, it is insufficiently dependable. It is also simple to forge. 

International transit/transfer passengers

Required documents for Transit/Transfer passengers in Thailand, effective from 1 June 2022 onwards
International transit/transfer passengers must have a health insurance with minimum coverage of 10,000 USD or as prescribed by the government which covers treatment throughout the entire duration of stay in Thailand or any other guaranteed documents. 
(The insurance policy is not applied to Thai nationals)
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