ThailandPlus - A must-have application for Thailand entry

Update: Feb 08, 2021 4,810

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Now, in order to enhance confidence in travelling among visitors and locals, a new application "ThailandPlus" has just recently been prepared to assist the travellers and make the journey in Thailand seamless.

Official ThailandPlus website

All visitors overseas who wish to enter the kingdom have to submit the required documents to their nearest Royal Thai Embassies or Royal Thai Consulates-General before entering the country. Visitors need to acquire health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment, the COVID-19 free medical certificate and Certificate of Entry or COE
In order to undergo the Immigration Control process more conveniently, visitors are recommended to download the application "ThailandPlus" on their mobile phone and complete the registration before arrival in Thailand. 
Upon arrival at a Thai airport, just show your QR code generated by the "ThailandPlus" application to the authorised officer.
And after being screened and tested for COVID-19, visitors are allowed to enter Thailand.
Afterwards, visitors will be taken to the Alternative State Quarantine, which they have previously booked. After completing quarantine, they can travel around the country.
ThailandPlus will be a travel companion during your stay in the country. The application will keep you updated on your current situation by reading at the changable QR code colour according to the requirement from the Department of Disease Control. 
Besides, when "ThailandPlus" finds out that along your journey you might have been close enough to a COVID-19 patient, there will be a message recommending you to be investigated by a surveillance rapid response team as soon as possible.
ThailandPlus will help you enjoy exploring various destinations that you want to visit confidently and worry-free the New Normal way here in Thailand. 

Step by Step installing the ThailandPlus app


1. Download ThailandPlus App

Visitors download ThailandPlus and install on their mobile phone before
the departure to Thailand. Check availability now these store

2. Terms & Conditions policy

Visitors are recommended to read the privacy policy caretully belore usage.
Terms and conditions are apart of Thailand COVID-19 preventive measure. Furthemnore this application is a monitoring system that support contingency management for Thailand; served as a COVID-19 spreading tracing tool.

When visitors read throughly and mark on Iaccept these terms and conditions on box, they have accepted the personal data protection set forth by this policy.

3. Setup Photo profile

2 ways available for your profile photo
  • Browsing Profile photo from photo gallery, it is recommend that you choose recent photo taken within one month.
  • Taking a new photo
In both cases, full face look strainght forward into the camera without cap or sun glasses on are requested. (eyeglasses are acceptable)

4.Fill COE Code

Fill in 6 digit COE Code
  • The Reference ID (6 digits) is the same number generated from COE online System 
  • COE: Certificate Of Entry is a document certified the person the permission to enter into The Kingdom of Thailand.
  • False input for 3 times will result in registration locking for 5 minutes. After that, start again at Step 6.

5.Find COE Code

To retrieve the COE Code go to COE Online System then
  • Click "Forget 6-digit code, Click hear"
  • Fill in the passport number, given name, family name and date of birth

6.Allow App request features and run

 App requests to allow GPS and Bluetooth then done.

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