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Chatuchak Market to open weekdays

Chatuchak Market to open weekdays - HealthServ

BANGKOK (NNT) - Vendors at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok will be allowed to sell there on weekdays as well, as part of City Hall’s latest measure to help vendors affected by economic fallout caused by the pandemic.

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 The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s (BMA) market office has given a green light for Chatuchak Market to be opened on weekdays in addition to the weekend opening hours.
This allows vendors to sell from Tuesday to Friday until 6 p.m., while the opening hours for Saturday and Sunday have been extended to 10 p.m. Cleaning and sanitization will take place every Monday, during which the market will be closed.
Construction and storefronts that evaded the market’s fences have been removed, and the market walkways renovated to improve customers’ convenience and accessibility. The market will be holding regular events at the clock tower to encourage customers to enter the deeper parts of the market.
Chatuchak Market currently has about 10,000 retail booths across its 31 zones. To increase vendor’s participation in management, the market allows each zone to nominate their representative to discuss the market’s regulations and campaigns, especially on conflicting topics.
The BMA’s Deputy Permanent Secretary Wallaya Wattanarat says the new opening hours reflect the government’s policy to help businesses survive the COVID-19 crisis, and promote the development of this world-famous market which has long served as the country’s major tourism attraction.

27 Mar 2021
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