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Health officials deny recent death related to COVID-19 vaccine

Health officials deny recent death related to COVID-19 vaccine - HealthServ

BANGKOK (NNT) - Health officials have explained that a death that occurred after an individual received a COVID-19 vaccination has been linked to the person’s own aortic aneurysm and is not related to the inoculation.

  • Date: 26.03.2021 Update: 15.02.2023
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 Assistant to the Minister of Public Health and Chairman of the COVID-19 vaccination administration committee Dr. Sophon Mekthon, has addressed the case of a vaccination recipient passing away due to an aortic aneurysm, stating that investigations have found no link between the death and the vaccine and noting that over 100,000 doses have been administered without incident.
"As a physician and a person responsible for this service, I can give my assurance that the aortic aneurysm was unlikely to be linked to the vaccination, but note we must wait for a conclusion by the expert committee, which includes Dr. Tawee Chotipitayasunan. We put a system in place to protect the public and vaccine recipients. We have assessed that our follow-up system is effective and is able to detect any incidents, another measure for public safety. I have to point out that even internationally, in other countries whether in Europe or elsewhere, any incidents have to be investigated, such as if an elderly vaccine recipient passes away. In that example, an investigation showed it was only a coincidence and I am quite sure that this case is also a matter of a coincidence”
Distinguished member of the National Communicable Disease Committee Dr. Tawee Chotipitayasunan, an expert in communicable diseases, said he has received preliminary information about the case involving a male patient who had undergone surgery for an aortic aneurysm in January of this year and was in recovery for 40 days. The patient received the vaccine on March 3 as a senior citizen.
Authorities were unable to contact the individual seven days after vaccination and found that he had been admitted to hospital between the eighth and ninth day post-vaccination with symptoms of chest tightness. He passed away on March 13 due to an aneurysm.
" On the 13th, when the patient passed away, it was concluded the cause was an aortic aneurysm and complications from an existing condition. This condition is already like a time bomb. It just so happened that this patient had received the COVID-19 vaccine about 10 days prior. It is unlikely the two matters are intertwined and both attending physicians and the panel of experts have concluded such. The patient received the vaccine and seven to eight days later experienced acute symptoms such as fatigue and difficulty breathing, events that can be linked to the aneurysm. He probably knew it was a possibility of his condition. The event’s relation to the vaccination is coincidental and the vaccine was not likely to have been the cause of death”
Aortic aneurysms are common among the elderly who have a heart condition or hypertension and are contending with high cholesterol, the effects of past smoking or are congenitally disabled. The condition does not usually exhibit any symptoms, and is often diagnosed by accident.

26 Mar 2021
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