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patRangsit Hospital patRangsit hospital was founded on January 9th, 1986 and became the first private hospital in Pathumthani province. patRangsit hospital proudly serves as the leader in health care provider of Pathumthani province for more than 30 years and has long been recognized as the trustworthy hospital to choose for all health care treatments from people all over both Pathumthani and nearby provinces. patRangsit has received accreditation from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute(HA) to perform health care as a 200-beds size private hospital. patRangsit has run and managed by experienced management team along with more than 300 healthcare specialists to make sure that every patient gets the best possible medical care as quoted by our mission "determination and continuing development to deliver quality with highest standard and service" patRangsit hospital located in the heart of Pathumthani province and also close to a populated area of northern Bangkok. Now, patRangsit serves almost 700,000 patients a year which almost 500,000 of that are Pathumthani residence. Moreover, the number of foreign patients has also been increasing over the years. Experienced 30 Years Patient bed 200 Beds Specialists 300 People