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COVID-19 Test and Certificate

 COVID-19 Test and Certificate - HealthServ
บริการนี้เป็นของ Hospital for Tropical Diseases

 COVID-19 Test and Certificate - HealthServ
Thai Travel Clinic, Hospital for Tropical Diseases provide a service to issue medical certificate for travel regulation or visa application clarifying COVID-19 risk and also COVID-19 testing. Travelers with these circumstances can get further counseling in person or via tele-consultation. The medical certificate will be issued under medical doctor consideration and countries regulations.


  • For safety reason: If you have contacted with someone with COVID19 or have any fever or any COVID19 related symptoms; you have to visit our fever/ARI clinic. You cannot visit our Travel Clinic.
INSTRUCTION: How to request for COVID-19 test/certificate

1) Carefully read travel regulation/requirment from the Embassy, Airline 
2) Determine which type of certificate that you will need for the trip

3) We perform 2 different valid test methods which are
  • a. the standard PCR-based analysis (RT-PCR)
  • b. the rapid antigen-based test (RDT)
4) Making an appointment
  • If you would like to get tested, please book an appointment..
  • We will perform specimen collection (swab) ONLY at these following time;
    Monday – Friday at 9 AM, 11 AM and 2 PM
    Saturday – Sunday at 10.30 AM
    We may open on some public holidays at 10.30 AM as well (Please contact us or look at the appointmen table)
  • That means, even you have completed the consultation process at 8.30 AM, you will need to wait until 9 AM for specimen collection.
  •  If the slots for appointment are fully booked and you cannot postpone your trip, you can contact us at contact@thaitravelclinic.com or via the chat box on this page. Although we cannot guarantee, we will try our best to help you.
5. On appointment day
  • Please bring a copy of your passport for accurate data entering.
  • When you visit our clinic, you will need to see our nurses and doctors to evaluate you before sample collected. The whole process will take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.
6. COVID-19 test and the result
  • Real time RT-PCR
    • Samples will be collected from throat and nose.
    • The COVID19 test result will be ready in the evening on the same day.
    • If you do NOT need the medical certificate, we can send you the scanned lab report though the given email address.
    • Medical certificate and original lab report will be ready to pick up on the next morning. (After 10 a.m. on Monday – Friday and from 9-11 AM. on Saturday – Sunday and public holiday)
    • The COVID-19 test report and medical certificate will be issued in English.
  • COVID-19 rapid Antigen test
    o Please be noted that ONLY some airlines and countries accept COVID-19 rapid antigen test.
    • Sample will be collected from the nose only.
    • The result and medical certificate will be ready within 1-2 hours.
    • In case the positive result of rapid antigen test, you will need to be confirmed with real time RT-PCR which the expense will be on you.
    • The COVID-19 test report and medical certificate will be issued in English.
7. The expense
  • Real time RT-PCR
    • The cost for this test is 3,000 baht, all inclusive. You will need to pay on the first visit. 
    • However, if you pick up on Saturday/Sunday or public holiday, you will need to pay an additional 400 baht.
  • COVID-19 rapid Antigen test
    • The cost for this test is 1,500 baht, including the test, doctor fee, hospital fee, and medical certificate.
8. Certificate for COVID19-free symptom
  • If you need certificate to certified that you have no symptom of COVID19 or at low risk of COVID19 infection, COVID-19 testing is not required in this case. However, you need to visit our clinic for temperature check and our doctor will assess your risk and your current symptoms. If our doctor make the decision that you're clear, you will get the certificate from our hospital on that visit
  • The cost for this service will be approximately 200 baht for normal working hours, and will be 650 baht for the extended hours. For your convenience please book an appointment. 
9) We cannot guarantee that you will get COVID19 certificate as you requested. The decision to give/not give medical certificate will depend on our doctor's professional judgement. We also cannot guarantee that you will get the certificate ontime and cannot guarantee that our certificate will considered as 'a green light' in all circumstances. We accept no responsibility of any loss, any consequence for this matter. 
10) If you're not sure about our service or whether we can serve your need, please feel free to contact us via email/chatbox in this page. In some circumstance, we will offer a teleconsultation with our doctor (FREE of CHARGE).
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