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 Best Bella Pattaya ! A new modern hotel with a state-of-the-art of Thai tradition hospitality and conveniently located near the hearth of Pattaya City. Experience the modern and a high quality of room facilities with an inspiring ocean and pool view.
Best Bella Pattaya is a tropical oasis blending of colorful modern and Asian architecture and interior designs located coveniently in North Pattaya very near the Dolphin Roundabout, making it easy accessable when coming from every direction. It is meticulously designed to provide privacy, a bounty of breathing space and a peaceful refuge from the exciting city of Pattaya and his beaches.
Download the Best Bella Pattaya Fact sheet.
Pattaya is a famous beach holiday and Travel Destination in Thailand. As it is only 1 hour from the International Airport in Bangkok, you can easily reach Pattaya quickly for your comfortable holiday.
Pattaya has many beaches, shopping centers and restaurants, also a famous nightlife scene with main attractions as the famous Walking Street and the newly build Central Plaza Shopping concept.
The beach offers a wide variety of activities, like the Banana Boat, Para Sailing and try some of the seafood for sale by the locals on the beach.
Best Bella Pattaya Hotel - Hip and modern Accommodation near the Beach
  Moving forward, we had changed all our Television in all guestrooms to 32 inch LED TV, and we now opened a new facility, KIDS CLUB in 2014.
Best Bella Pattaya has 94 well-appointed rooms and suites, the New Best Bella Pattaya
has arranged high quality of accommodation for its guests.
You can enjoy 24 hours room service. Room amenities include
individually controlled air-condition, new model Flat screen 29" TV with various cable channels,
mini-bar, refrigerator, safety deposit box, telephone, pantry, microwave oven, Dining Set,Hair dryer,
free Wi-Fi/LAN Internet Access and much more that will make your stay in Pattaya Beach the most comfortable.
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