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15-day Health Watch—An Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) Program

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15-day Health Watch—An Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) Program.
Samitivej Hospital offers this service to patients who are monitoring their health for a Covid-19 infection. The service includes personal healthcare specialists providing care in a safe environment, with sterilized rooms that are free from infection and disease and cleaned to the highest standards using a UVC disinfection device.
Applying for the alternative hospital quarantine service
Samitivej Hospital have been recognized by the Ministry of Public Health as alternative hospital quarantine (AHQ) sites for Thais and foreign nationals. The services covers recent arrivals from abroad entering Thailand for the treatment of complex health issues, chronic conditions, and specialist surgical procedures, as well as for medical and wellness tourism, such as cosmetic surgery and fertility treatment. Such patients require close monitoring for a Covid-19 infection and must remain under observation for at least 14 days.
Medical treatments that require a patient be admitted to the hospital and applicable for AHQ program include Regenerative Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Cardiovascular Treatment, Musculoskeletal Treatment, Dental Treatment, IVF, Cancer Treatment, Disease with Surgery Conditions, Eye Treatment, Precision Medicine and NCD.
Thais and foreign nationals may consult medical staff via video call through the Samitivej Virtual Hospital prior to undergoing treatment in Thailand. Samitivej requires that all fly-in patients adhere to the following safety measures:
  1. Fly-in patients must obtain a medical certificate for general passengers or a “fit-to-fly” letter, which includes confirmation that they have not been infected with Covid-19 in their country of departure. Patients must fly within 72 hours of being issued with such a document.Once airport screening procedures have been carried out, officials wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) will welcome patients and their traveling companions
  2. at the airport gateway. At this point, patients and their companions must wear a protective mask and cooperate with staff as they accompany them as quickly as possible through fast track immigration and on to the hospital.
  3. Patients and their companions will be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival at the hospital and then immediately transferred to a room on the Samitivej Isolation Ward, which is located on a separate floor from the general hospital population. The isolation ward at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital’s isolation ward has 148 rooms.
  4. All service users must undergo 3 separate Covid-19 tests to confirm they are free from the disease, the first of which will be carried out upon their arrival, with the other two following on days 5 and 14 of quarantine.
15-day Health Watch Program
Service users will be accommodated in the Samitivej Isolation Ward which is located on its own floor, separate from the general hospital population. The isolation ward at Samitivej Hospital’s isolation ward has 148 rooms. Service users will receive a comprehensive range of privileges when using the service, as follows:
  • 3 Covid-19 tests (day 0, day 5 and day 14)
  • Doctor consultation and physical examination on the day of arrival
  • Daily body temperature check
  • 3 meals per dayFree Wi-Fi high-speed internet
  • Room cleaning services, including a change of bedding, pillows and towels, and amenities necessary for a 14-day stay, such as soap, shampoo, hair net, drinking water and changes of clothing for the duration of the hospital stay

Optional Services and Treatments
Samitivej Sukhumvit and Samitivej Srinakarin
The package does not include treatments for underlying diseases, inpatient admission, and ICU charges; this depends on each patient’s condition.
Contact us
Contact us to make an appointment for a video call with one of our doctors or email us at to learn more about our alternative hospital quarantine services (AHQ).
For more information regarding Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) or to make a reservation please email

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